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MyCujoo at the FIFA Women’s Football convention

MyCujoo has Women's Football in its DNA. Ever since the launch of the platform, we have been a partner and supporter of Women's Football competitions, teams and players. As a recognition of our investment in driving the Women's game's visibility, our own Shoko Tsuji has been invited by FIFA to participate to a panel in its Women's Football Convention in Paris. We will discuss the promotion and commercialisation of the game and will showcase our expertise and experience in the area!

Odense, Denmark

It has been a long time coming now. Four years, since the enchanting summer in Canada, when the world gathered round and crowned the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup the most successful Women’s sporting event of all time. It was about time!

At the very top, the elite part of our sport is now getting truly recognised for what it is - a thrilling, interesting, audience captivating product, with tons of exhilarating moments, gripping stories and amazing characters.

Yes, this is all happening. And we’re not the only ones to notice. Visa, Adidas, Nike, Barclays, major brands have taken note and are acting accordingly. Brands and their marketing departments are rational, data-driven, bottom line-led entities. If they have jumped on the bandwagon, you know damn well it’s a train worth catching.

All the more reason to be excited for what we are about to witness with the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup around the corner.

But not everything is great yet. Quite clearly, we can still hear a discourse made of struggle, revendication, comparison. Unfair, unequal, unrecognised. The frustration is real, still prevalent. Still a major part of the discussion around our game.

Surely, if the game is getting better, faster, stronger, more appealing and qualitatively consistent, the rewards of that growth shouldn’t stop at the borders of the all-elite? But strangely, it does. Save for a handful of competitions, leagues, clubs, most of the women’s game remains a highly amateur affair. Low salaries. Low quality training conditions. Low attendances. Little exposure. When you know how football works, how improvement at the top is generally predicated by improvements at the base, something must be amiss.

We at MyCujoo are part of the community. We have been together with the Women’s game since we were born, as our very first live match streamed, was FC Zürich Frauen battling it out in 2015. Since then we have grown to become the largest Women’s Football streaming platform in the world, streaming over 150 competitions worldwide, with between 25 and 30% of our global content showing Women’s competitions. Better yet, we don’t deal with that top, elite, very visible content. It’s not our DNA. We work with the long tail, the underserved, the left asides. And thus, we know a thing or two about empowering and driving the value of the underrated.

The struggle is real. The gap between the sports value, and the perceived value, and more importantly, the commercial value, is even realer. And this is the problem.

The Women’s game needs more investment, more proactive development support, by the likes of FIFA, UEFA and other governing bodies and governmental programmes. The Women’s game needs more than token gestures from clubs - giving equal access to equal training conditions, not just to the senior teams, but more importantly, to the youth and the grassroots.

This is all true. But still, there’s more we can be doing already.

We at MyCujoo, work with our content partners, to bridge the gap between the value of the content we stream, and the reach of that content to its potential audiences. It needs building. It needs researching and finding the audiences, who in the digital space are segmented by channels, formats, attention availability, generations, devices, geographies, interests and many more. We take the value of the content, and channel it to the audiences wherever they are, and however they want to consume it. Digital is not TV, it’s not linear, it’s not “let’s put the content on Facebook because we have a community there”. This is missing the point - that your content speaks to a whole network of communities that are scattered around.

We believe in the potential of the content we stream, that we can close the gap between value and audiences. We work with our partners to answer the following questions: where are the communities, how can we reach them, what content do they consume, what content can we provide them?

Yes, the game needs more investment to improve. The game needs its stakeholders, organisers, partners such as us, to invest in that value and build it up. But it has improved enough already.

It has value already.

Shoko Tsuji
Head of Partnership Success
Head of Women’s Football