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Digitising your sponsors

Create a new value proposition for sponsors - existing or new!

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By Shivara ten Berge

Wherever there is football, there are sponsors and brands eager to connect to fans and support the players, clubs and competitions. Traditionally, this has taken the form of billboards or panels posted around the field, logos on uniforms, and other forms of physical visibility across the club, competitions or player activities.

However, with the digital transformation, fans are found far beyond the bleachers of the field. Just as the football on TV’s explosion more than three decades ago increased the brands’ interest in a presence on premium football, digitalisation of your content can have the same effect on your relationships with sponsors.

mycujoo is the global reference platform for clubs and competitions who are looking to create their digital presence through the live streaming of their matches and contents. We are quickly becoming the largest football digital network in the world, on the strength of the value we provide to both fans, who can access the matches online, live and on-demand, and to content rights holders.

This presents a new channel through which sponsors and brands can access the audiences they want to reach. Going even further, the digital activation of your sponsor relationships provides them with a stronger value - key, tangible benefits that you can offer them in return for their investment.

What are the benefits for your sponsors

When you have digitised your content and are at the discussion table with your existing or new potential sponsors, here are some talking points that you can put forward in order to bolster the value of your relationship:

Trackable (views, clicks, conversions): Unlike with physical billboards, with digital banners you are able to understand exactly how many people see, click or act on the sponsor ad.
(On top of this, we are currently working on a new feature based on computer vision and machine learning that will allow you to provide to your existing physical sponsors with the visibility data over the online streaming - for how long a sponsor’s logo on the jersey has been visible to the audience during the full match)

Targetable (demographics, interests, timing): Digital sponsorship placements can be used to display different ads for different audiences in an extremely flexible way. For instance, if your match is watched by a girl aged 18, a man aged 35 and a woman aged 60, all three may actually be seeing different advertisement depending on the targeting by sponsors. This increases the value of your offer in the sponsorship deal. Digitising your football content creates such opportunities for you on the wider advertising marketplace that is mycujoo.

Scalable: Concretely, sponsoring on digital placements doesn’t require heavy creative efforts from the sponsor and can therefore be accessible to brands that may not be wanting to invest in specific creative campaigns. A simple logo may suffice to create a campaign on a digital football content. No need to print and install billboards, digital ads can be added and adjusted very quickly. If agreed, sponsors can even extend their campaigns beyond your content to “spill over” on similar contents to yours, providing them with further incentives to invest in these opportunities.


Figuring out the offer

By digitising your content with mycujoo, the following advertising real estate will be available to sell to your sponsors:

  • Sponsor slots (up to three 600x100 banners above player)
  • Display banners (leaderboard, rectangle, billboard banners on mycujoo.tv)
  • Video prerolls (video preroll before start of livestream or VOD)
  • Custom rich media (contact mycujoo team for details)

Sponsor slots can be set-up within the content production studio of your specific TV channel on mycujoo. For all other advertising types, you are welcome to send your specific requirements to [email protected] and we will be very happy to support you in setting these up.


Figuring out the pricing

We at mycujoo can also support you with this. First you may want to accustom yourself with the most common ways for pricing digital ads as provided below:

  • Video/Banner: Fixed Price Per Game/Competition
  • Video/Banner: Fixed Price Per Day
  • Video/Banner: CPM Model, pay per 1000 ads shown
  • Video: CPV, pay per 1000 completed videos.

Then, we can work together to figure out the relevant levels for these - this is highly dependent on various factors such as which country/region you are in, the size of your audience, the type of audience you are able to attract, etc.

While this piece has been focusing on how you can pitch these opportunities to existing or new sponsors yourself, we at mycujoo are also working on our side to make our own network of sponsors and advertisers aware of your content and its potential attractivity for them, thus multiplying the possibilities for your content to receive digital advertising revenues.

What steps can you take to start making sponsorship revenue out of your digitized content?

  • Think about what sponsors might be interested,
  • What would they find valuable (e.g. data, audience, website traffic, customers, branding)?
  • What type of real estate might be relevant for them?
  • Contact mycujoo to help you set up and determine pricing at [email protected]

Shivara ten Berge
Technical Solutions Architect - Monetisation