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The MyCujoo way, by “Os Belenenses”

Recently, the MyCujoo team paid a visit to Clube de Futebol Os Belenenses, one of Portugal’s most authentic football clubs, from the Belém parish of Lisbon.

Belenenses flag

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Os Belenenses (literally, “the ones from Belém”) is a club strong on tradition and identity, and its recent history is a very poetic proof of this. Due to a stadium contractual situation, the club and its professional arm split in 2018, with the original, amateur club keeping the rights to use the historical name and stadium.

The club is a living (well, a club is not really living but you see what I’m saying) embodiment of a core MyCujoo tenet. Faced with the loss of their professional selling point, Os Belenenses did not budge and stuck to their belief in their values and their value - their history, their identity, in short: their community.

And it works! Os Belenenses regularly attracts more than 5000 fans in their stadium for matches counting in the 3rd regional level, and since it started working with MyCujoo to stream their matches, regularly attracts thousands to watch the live streams as well.

Os Belenenses is a local club with strong roots and a genuine approach to their community. A model to follow for many of MyCujoo’s long tail partners. It is our blessing and a pleasure to work with them and support their development!

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