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Soccer streaming network MyCujoo expands its US footprint by signing a multi-year deal with the National Premier Soccer League

NPSL is a key milestone in MyCujoo’s strategy of building the world’s biggest digital community for soccer players of all abilities and levels.

  • New deal builds on the success of partnerships with United Premier Soccer League, United Women’s Soccer and the Women’s Premier Soccer League.
  • MyCujoo - which provides high-quality broadcast without fees or subscription - is the only site that allows players to claim and share their own highlights on its soccer communities network

Amsterdam, Netherlands (May 14, 2019) - Soccer streaming network MyCujoo has underlined its growing presence in US soccer by signing a new multi-year partnership with the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL).

The NPSL is the fourth tier of the US game and the highest of semi-professional/amateur soccer. The NPSL deal will run through to January 2021 and provides MyCujoo with exclusive digital rights to the league’s matches over the period of the contract, covering in excess of 400 games.

The NPSL has 91 clubs who compete in the league across 13 conferences in four separate Regions - Northeast, South, Midwest, and West. The reigning champions of the NPSL are Miami FC 2, who are managed by Paul Dalglish.

The NPSL deal follows a similar agreement struck with the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) last year. Additionally, MyCujoo has partnerships signed with the United Women’s Soccer (UWS) league and the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL).

The Amsterdam-based MyCujoo is transforming the soccer broadcast market by providing rights-holders with top-quality broadcasting technology without fees or subscriptions. MyCujoo offers viewers unlimited soccer content, while enabling players and fans to take an active, creative role in content creation and distribution. Players of all levels are able to tag themselves in recordings, produce their own highlights reels and share these socially with whomever they choose.

MyCujoo CEO, Pedro Presa, believes that this latest deal is an important landmark for building out the company’s community platform in the US.

“The fact that we now own rights across North America in both the women’s and the men’s game, gives us the scale to really start making our community model work in North America. Our strategy is for MyCujoo to be universal at this level of the game. We want to provide players in the long-tail of soccer with the same and better tools to share their content as elite soccer players.”

“MyCujoo is the only soccer technology which allows players to claim their own highlights and to share them on social platforms with fans, family and friends. Alongside our other US partnerships, this deal with the NPSL gives us an enormous opportunity to create a community of people in North America who love to watch and play soccer.”

Dennis Crowley, NPSL board member and Kingston Stockade FC Chairman, added: "The NPSL is extremely excited about our partnership with MyCujoo. Having a central location where fans can watch matches from NPSL clubs all over the country will be great for our fans and great for the visibility of the league. MyCujoo's tools will allow us to offer a level of professionalism and consistency we haven't been able to offer in the past when it comes to live streaming."

2019 is proving to be a year of exceptional growth for MyCujoo as it continues to expand its unparalleled global soccer content portfolio. The NPSL agreement follows several important successes for MyCujoo, including a deal earlier this month with the CBF in Brazil to provide exclusive, worldwide digital rights for several key Brazilian competitions, including Brasileirão Série D, U23, U20 and U17 league and cup matches, and the Feminino Serie A and B.

This year also has seen multi-year content partnerships with the Oceania Football Confederation, Malaysia Football League and Japan Women's Football League, and a product evolution focusing on activating the community of soccer players featured on the platform.

About MyCujoo
Launched in 2014, MyCujoo completely subverts the traditional sports broadcasting model by providing top broadcast technology to rights-holders and unlimited content to viewers. MyCujoo’s technology allows live streams to be broadcast from a device as simple as a mobile phone to multiple media including MyCujoo’s platform; a user app for Android and iOS; and embedded streams on rights-holder and third-party platforms.

MyCujoo technology is available at no cost to rights-holders and the content it enables is also free to viewers, removing almost all of the barriers to soccer clubs who want to share their content, as well as to fans who want to consume it. With users in more than 200 territories across six continents, MyCujoo is the world’s leading soccer streaming service and is empowering federations, leagues and clubs to live-stream their competitions and matches, as well as enabling the creation of sports communities at a national, regional and hyper-local level.

MyCujoo provides opportunities for the distribution, monetisation, and commercialisation of rights-holders own data and content, and offers the sports world a chance to be valued and appreciated, anywhere and by anyone.

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Photo Credit: Blake Shumaker/FC Wichita