Our name’s changing, but not our mission. MyCujoo will become ELEVEN in the coming months, with a new look and logo. You’ll still enjoy the same superb live streaming experiences, and we’ll let you know our exciting plans soon.

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MyCujoo partners with 433 as it continues to hero the long tail game

Largest grassroots and long tail football streamer MyCujoo distributes content to maximise visibility of grassroots football. Players on the MyCujoo platform will have cross platform featured content on 433, the world’s #1 football instagram account. First tests have shown huge engagement power of long tail content.

MyCujoo and 433

Amsterdam, Netherlands (1 April 2019) - A sublime goal is a sublime goal, a match-winning save is a match-winning save, and an epic fail is an epic fail. Whether that is a moment from Neymar Jr in the FIFA World Cup, or by Neymar Juninho playing for long-tail club Inconfidencia EC streamed on MyCujoo. Such is the power of content in the social sphere today, where a Beach Soccer bicycle kick can generate three times as many views as content from the most followed leagues in the world.

Thousands of matches are live streamed on the MyCujoo platform by clubs, leagues and federations from all across the globe, making full use of its free, easy to use broadcasting technology. The number of new content creators on the platform keeps growing - from Portugal to Vanuatu, thousands of leagues, clubs and players across all formats of the game: Women’s Football, recreational, grassroots, beach soccer, futsal, youth. This gives MyCujoo an unlimited and unparalleled bank of spectacular football action.

Already the number one Women’s Football platform in the world, MyCujoo is looking for this partnership to highlight the continued growth and quality of the women’s game. Working with 433, the largest football instagram account in the world, the two brands will be sharing content with the publisher’s almost 35m strong following. The partnership allows 433 to share content from all levels of the football pyramid, and means MyCujoo is continuing to make good on its promise to the long tail of football, and in doing so, creating new brand and revenue opportunities for its partners:

We embarked on this journey five years ago with a clear mission: we wanted to create sustainability and visibility for the 99.9% of football players who are not in the limelight of TV attention”, said Pedro Presa, CEO and co-founder of MyCujoo. “And when we see that millions of social audiences can be engaged on 433’s channels with the long tail content we help create, I can only smile with a feeling that we are one step ahead of fulfilling our mission”.

433 is extremely excited to be working with MyCujoo, as they are one of the industry leaders when it comes to streaming grassroots and professional leagues, where 433 is the leading independent football community on Instagram, with regards to fan-generated content and engagement”, said Floris Weisz, CCO of 433. “Together we will work hard to have more people enjoy and engage in the locker-room-fun of the beautiful game”.

About MyCujoo
Launched in 2014, MyCujoo completely subverts the traditional sports broadcasting model by providing free broadcast technology to rights-holders and free content to viewers. Pursuing this unique model, the platform is on track to become the world’s biggest community of football fans, players, clubs and federations. By allowing players at every level of the game to ‘claim’ and share footage of themselves, as well as share their profiles with friends, families and fans, MyCujoo aims to create a huge network of closely-bonded football fans and participants.

MyCujoo’s technology allows live streams to be broadcast from a device as simple as a mobile phone to multiple media including MyCujoo’s platform; a user app for Android and iOS; and embedded streams on rights-holder and third-party platforms.

MyCujoo technology is available at no cost to rights-holders and the content it enables is also free to viewers, removing almost all of the barriers to football clubs who want to share their content, as well as to fans who want to consume it. With users in more than 200 countries across six continents, MyCujoo is the world’s leading football streaming service and is empowering federations, leagues and clubs to live-stream their competitions and matches, as well as enabling the creation of sports communities at a national, regional and hyper-local level.

MyCujoo provides opportunities for the distribution, monetisation, and commercialisation of rights-holders own data and content, and offers the sports world a chance to be valued and appreciated, anywhere and by anyone.

About 433
Established in 2013, 433 started to grow exponentially. Today 433 has 35 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 million followers on Facebook.

Measured by CrowdTangle in February 2019, in terms of social engagement, 433 is the largest social sports community in the world.

433 brings you inside the locker room, including the funniest clips and the most remarkable background stories. 433 is not your average sports platform.

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