Our name’s changing, but not our mission. MyCujoo will become ELEVEN in the coming months, with a new look and logo. You’ll still enjoy the same superb live streaming experiences, and we’ll let you know our exciting plans soon.

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MyCujoo Updates - July 2019

This is the MyCujoo team, bringing you best practices that you can use on your channel and get more and more fans/viewers every time. By doing the tips that we’ll talk about here, you’ll be able to see more fans coming over!


31 July 2019

Do you participate in any tournaments in the next 6 months? Do you want to share those games with your families, friends, fans and the global MyCujoo community? Here’s the solution: tell the organisers of the event about MyCujoo and send us some information about it - and we will try to make it happen! Simply click on the button and fill out a short form - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Tell us about the tournament(s) you will participate in

Read about DANA Cup and Paris World Games

27 Junho 2019

This last month, we made some technical improvements to the MyCujoo Studio and “Add event” pages in order to improve your experience when using MyCujoo.

“Add event”

When you create a new match or any other type of event, the experience should always be as seamless as possible. That’s why we’ve made some significant changes to the technology that powers this process - now everything is much faster. From searching for your competition to moving from page to page - you’ll be able to create your matches in no time!

On top of that, you’ll now be able to navigate much easier through the different pages by using the menu on the left to go back and forth anytime you like or use the Exit button in the bottom left corner to go back to the Studio. Furthermore whenever you edit an event, you’ll be able to save the changes directly on every page.

Additionally, you can now drag and drop the logo of your team - do it once and it’ll be saved for your future matches.

Expect more improvements in the future as we’re trying to make your experience even better!


Your MyCujoo Studio is getting a little facelift - but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to do everything just likely before!
Due to popular demand, you can now delete events yourself - simply click on the 3 dots on the right side of the bar and choose the “Delete” option. Please be aware that this will remove events permanently from your channel, so make sure not to delete any matches or events that you have successfully streamed!

Do you have any feedback or suggestions for future changes? Then let us know! Send an email to your Partner Success Manager or use the feedback form

We look forward to seeing your next matches!

Your MyCujoo team