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2018 - the year of the Green Shirts

mycujoo and the Pakistan Football Federation sign a 3 year exclusive agreement for all digital media rights

Pakistan Football

Amsterdam, Netherlands (29 October 2018) - “We will be able to bring all matches and competitions in Pakistan to the fans, in the country and abroad, digitally”, says Pedro Presa, CEO and co-founder of mycujoo. “More than 1,000 matches will be streamed over three years, and this will help football in the country to rise”.


For three years since 2015, organised football in Pakistan seemed to have come to a stop. But 2018 arrived and signaled the possibility of a new era being ushered in for a country that is believed to be among the 20 largest in terms of active football player population.

First, the national team played again last September - four matches in the SAFF 2018 championship, with two wins. And now, this agreement between mycujoo and the PFF promises a higher level of visibility, professionalism and engagement with the fans for the country’s football.

We are very ambitious” stated the PFF General Secretary Ahmed Lodhi. “We want to make the Pakistan Premier League professional as soon as possible. We want to develop the technical and tactical skills of all national teams to a level of possible excellence for attaining a top position at regional level and a respectable world ranking as soon as possible. And creating digital engagement through mycujoo is part of this plan".

"Our partnership with mycujoo carries a multi dimensional impact" said Shahid Khokhar, Head of League Development and Media at the PFF. "It has not only given us a platform to connect with millions of football fans but also has opened a window of opportunity for our corporate partners, which will certainly help us to convert our semi professional league into a fully professional one".

The agreement includes the exclusivity over all worldwide digital media rights for all competitions and national teams matches organised in Pakistan, including the Pakistan Premier League. For mycujoo, this represents the 39th multi-year agreement with a national association across Asia.

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