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Postgame thoughts brought to you by ASC San Diego

ASC San Diego (San Diego, CA, USA) participates in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) and Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL). After each match, they provide their following with unprecedented access.

ASC San Diego

Credit: Dereld Photography

The final whistle blows, players head off the field. The match ends. However, for followers of ASC San Diego’s senior men’s and women’s team, the match is not completely over. Head coaches, Ziggy Korytoski (men’s) and Elosia Borreguero (women’s) stick around for postgame interviews, in front of a beautiful sponsor friendly backdrop. Fans can hear the instant reaction from their fearless leaders after crushing defeats, frustrating draws, or thrilling victories.

“The main motivating factor for creating this content is to give the fans a more inside look to the club and the most up to date news we can provide,” explained Myles Davis, who helps oversee gameday production for ASC San Diego. “We are always hoping to have our content spread to create more awareness for the club. It’s often easier to get people to watch a short video than to read a lengthy article.”

Before and after each home match this season ASC San Diego has filmed an interview with their head coach.

“It shows to the fans that we are more than just a local semi-pro soccer club. We are a family looking to improve our community/city/world through soccer. We want to give back to our fans and community. We provide content that not many NPSL clubs do.”



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