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MyCujoo roll out unique one-person production solution

MyCujoo's latest feature enables federations, competition organisers and clubs to stream their matches and tag key moments simultaneously, all from a single mobile device!

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_The new functionality, which has been added to the MyCujoo broadcast app, makes one-person production possible
_The feature also further reduces the barriers for federations, competition organisers and clubs at all levels to stream their matches

Amsterdam, Netherlands (20 November 2019) - Today marked the roll-out by MyCujoo of a unique and much anticipated feature that enables streamers to produce high quality live streams while simultaneously tagging key moments of a match on a single mobile device. The feature further enhances the accessibility of MyCujoo's free live streaming technology to streamers at all levels of football.

The new solution makes it possible for a single operator to simultaneously film a match and tag all key moments as they happen, removing the need for a second person.

Commenting on this important milestone, Joao Presa, MyCujoo COO and Co-Founder said, "this addition to our broadcast app marks another important step in our journey to empower streamers at all levels of football. We are fully focussed on innovation and will continue to bring new features that empower our partners to produce quality streams, share their games and connect with their fans".

The MyCujoo broadcast app is available to download for iOS and Android devices. Federations, competition organisers and clubs who have a MyCujoo account can already download and use the app for free.

If you are a federation, competition organiser or club and want to stream for free on MyCujoo, then sign-up here to broadcast with us.