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MyCujoo TOP TIP - July 2019

This section will help you to get a perfect stream for your audience. Making the most of the studio experience will help you to get more fans! What are you waiting for?


This is the MyCujoo team, bringing you best practices that you can use inside the Studio and provide the best stream to your fans. Keep in mind that doing a perfect studio allows your audience to share highlights on their social media and bring more people to you games on MyCujoo!

31 July 2019

-First of all, it’s really important that you schedule your events with at least 5 days in advance. This will give you plenty of time to share on your Social media profiles and people will be able to put them in their schedules as well!

-Share your TV and events directly on Social Media! This is very important to get a higher number of viewers. We have easy ways to share your TV or events:

beach soccer

To share a specific event is really easy as well - simply use the "Share Event" button below every event created on your channel.

Now I hope you’re sitting, because here it comes the MyCujoo TOP TIP:

Automatically notify your fans on Facebook when a live match starts
Inside every TV setting in MyCujoo you can activate the Facebook Integration, allowing our technology to post automatically on your Facebook page every time you start a live match. All you need to do is to connect your official Facebook page to your MyCujoo channel. Have a look at how you can do it:

tv settings

Now all your fans and followers on Facebook will be notified when your matches start. Pretty neat huh? This way more people will tune into your streams and see all the action!

27 June 2019

-First of all, when you’re live it’s really important to keep your fans updated about the score and time in the match, so always remember to activate ‘’Show scoreboard and timer’’. It’s really easy, have a look:

How to customise your scoreboard and turn on scoreboard and timer before the match

-Your audience wants to watch great goals and amazing plays, so give them to them! Tagging highlights will bring a major experience/engagement to your fans and allow them to share every highlight tagged on their social media! So remember to always tag them when something happens during your matches!
If a team scores a goal, click on the ball icon - you can add the player who scored if you’ve added the lineups before the match! It will automatically change the scoreboard that you’ve already activated. It’s time to grow! Review how you can tag all highlights:

Learn how to create different types of highlights


-MyCujoo Studio Top Tip!

This one will blow your mind! Did you know that clicking on the “Kickoff” highlight will automatically start the timer?

This is really helpful to manage the timer - when the referee starts the match, you should tag the kickoff and the timer will start right way!

This rule applies for halftime tagging as well, so when you click on “Halftime”, it will stop the timer automatically. Now you just need to adjust manually to begin the second half (for example 45:00), and tag another kickoff! Awesome, right?
Have a quick read in this article and become an expert!

Understand how the timer works and best practices to use it

Has it been a while since you last streamed? Do you need a refresher? Check out our helpcenter articles here, reach out to your Partner Success Manager or send us a message on Intercom! We look forward to seeing you active again.