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MyCujoo and América de Natal: A success case in Brazil

This month we want to focus on a club in Brazil called America de Natal. Check out what they are doing - the next Ballon d’Or could be you!

America de Natal - instagram

MyCujoo broadcasted the Brazilian D Series Championship (Brazilian 4th Division) and developed actions together with América de Natal, a traditional club in northeast Brazil, to promote their matches.

How did it happen? MyCujoo created some promotional images for the matches to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories and sent them to the club. América de Natal posted these images on their social media channels, calling all fans to watch their matches on MyCujoo.

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 16.06.36

There were also some Instagram Stories teaching fans how to download the MyCujoo app and how they could use the chat function and interact with other fans by signing up!

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 16.08.05

In addition, we encouraged the commentator to engage with the messages in the chat and talk about them during the live match, thus increasing the viewers’ engagement.

As a result, we reached 331.000 views across 9 matches.

"MyCujoo allowed us to stream América’s matches in a different way, using an exclusive football platform. Our fans have joined this option and it’s advantages. We look forward to extend and strengthen this partnership"
Canindé Pereira, Press Officer - América de Natal

About América de Natal

Popularly known as Mecão, América de Natal is one of the most traditional teams in Brazil. Founded in 1915, it is based in Natal, one of the most beautiful cities on the eastern Brazilian coast.

The club has an extremely passionate fanbase and plays all its matches in Arena das Dunas, one of the 2014 FIFA World Cup stadiums.

In 2019, América de Natal competed in the Brazilian D Serie Championship (4th division of Brazilian Championship), alongside 67 other teams from all over the country.