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Partner features - May

This is the MyCujoo team, live from our Product & Tech departments, bringing you the latest developments they have been creating to relentlessly improve our product and services to you and your communities!

Partner features

This last month, quite a bit of new things for you to explore or take advantage of!

Entity pages: In addition to the TV page, we now have pages for all levels of the entity structure, including club pages, team pages and competitions pages.
Having thousands of games from hundreds of countries on the platform is amazing, but how do we organise it? How do you give context to every goal, player, team, club, league, competition on the platform? It may be a semi-pro league in Bangladesh, or a youth team in Brazil, but it still sits within a hierarchy, the football pyramid. The pyramid will differ from country to country, but every player, and every club still sits within this hierarchy. MyCujoo wanted to tackle this challenge, and launched entity structures into the platform in March 2019.
An entity is a person (player), organisation (team, club, federation) or business (3rd party competition organiser) with a separately identifiable existence. This allows us to aggregate and regroup content across these dimensions of the football structure, enabling better content discoverability and consumption by the fans!

Take a look at one example here.

And since we released the entity pages, there is a quite special element to this, the player profile! This is a very exciting moment for MyCujoo and our entire community. The player entity pages function as a player profile for all players involved in the matches streamed on MyCujoo!

Why add lineups? Well, not only will the lineups be visible within the video player, but they will now also be clickable! And it gets even better - once you click on the player name, you will immediately be redirected to the player’s individual profile page, with all of his/her past and upcoming matches.

MyCujoo top tip: Inserting the “Team Code” in the event creation allows you to preset the three letters that will show up in the scoreboard

Finally, we introduced a new event creation: If you are not yet familiar with the new “Add event” procedure, check out this article!

Has it been a while since you last streamed? Do you need a refresher? Check out our helpcenter articles here, reach out to your Partner Success Manager or send us a message on Intercom!

We look forward to seeing you streaming again.
Your MyCujoo team