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Global football streamers, MyCujoo, gobble up next set of rights in latest bet on upturning sports landscape

Free-to-rightsholder and free-to-audience pioneer announces new deal for Japanese rights. Deal hot on the heels of MyCujoo tying down its tenth Brazilian state federation. MyCujoo is number-one platform for women’s football content in the world


Picture courtesy of J-League

Amsterdam, Netherlands (20 March 2019)- Following the success of the first season’s use of the streaming platform, the Nadeshiko League have entered in a four-year agreement with MyCujoo. The agreement encompasses the exclusive digital media rights and competition data of all competitions run by Nadeshiko League, including the Nadeshiko League Cup Division 1 (for one year) and excluding the Division 1 League.

This multi-year agreement as well as its new scope confirms the significant promotion and benefits brought by MyCujoo to Japanese Women’s Football.

MyCujoo is already the number one platform for women’s football in the world,” said Pedro Presa, CEO and co-founder of MyCujoo. “With this agreement, combined with our track record last year with the Nadeshiko and our continued work with the Japan Women’s University League, we are now the number one platform for Women’s Football in Japan, a key market for MyCujoo”.

We are very happy to continue the partnership with MyCujoo following the 2018 season”, stated M. Mitsugu Tamura, Executive Director of the Nadeshiko League. “In the 2018 season, we live streamed 75 matches of the Nadeshiko League Division 1 and this season we plan to stream 174 matches of Division 2 (90 League matches and 41 Cup matches) and selected matches of the Challenge League. Through this partnership, we hope that the women’s football fans around the world will follow the “Nadeshiko League” more closely than ever before and that the value of the league will increase.

This position of strength on the Women’s Football domain in Japan will be key for MyCujoo. This season the Nadeshiko players will be able to take advantage of MyCujoo’s player community features, allowing each player to claim their own highlights and create their individual profiles. This will enable them to interact with their community and fans directly through MyCujoo.

About MyCujoo
Launched in 2014, MyCujoo completely subverts the traditional sports broadcasting model by providing free broadcast technology to rights-holders and free content to viewers. Pursuing this unique model, the platform is on track to become the world’s biggest community of football fans, players, clubs and federations. By allowing players at every level of the game to ‘claim’ and share footage of themselves, as well as share their profiles with friends, families and fans, MyCujoo aims to create a huge network of closely-bonded football fans and participants.

MyCujoo’s technology allows live streams to be broadcast from a device as simple as a mobile phone to multiple media including MyCujoo’s platform; a user app for Android and iOS; and embedded streams on rights-holder and third-party platforms.

MyCujoo technology is available at no cost to rights-holders and the content it enables is also free to viewers, removing almost all of the barriers to football clubs who want to share their content, as well as to fans who want to consume it. With users in more than 200 countries across six continents, MyCujoo is the world’s leading football streaming service and is empowering federations, leagues and clubs to live-stream their competitions and matches, as well as enabling the creation of sports communities at a national, regional and hyper-local level.

MyCujoo provides opportunities for the distribution, monetisation, and commercialisation of rights-holders own data and content, and offers the sports world a chance to be valued and appreciated, anywhere and by anyone.

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