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mycujoo investing in Indonesian football like no one else before

The global football streaming platform will be covering the whole range of Indonesian football - from National Teams to grassroots level

Indonesian football

Jakarta, Indonesia (May 5, 2018) - mycujoo, a leading live-streaming football service, and Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia (Football Association of Indonesia), announce a partnership for the streaming of live and on-demand football content over three years.

“Indonesia is a football giant. It deserves a partner that strives to work at its side to make it even greater. mycujoo wants to play that role for the whole of Indonesian football - with its 1st league and men’s national team, and also for women’s, youth, and lower divisions”, said Pedro Presa, CEO of mycujoo, upon signing the three year agreement with PSSI this Saturday.

The agreement between mycujoo and PSSI covers the online live and on-demand streaming rights across all activities of the federation, and specifies that at least 1150 matches streamed over the next three years: “We are looking to showcase as many Indonesian matches as possible - Liga 1, Liga 2, Liga 3 as well, and beyond. mycujoo is about providing teams, players and fans with unprecedented visibility of their football, regardless of their level”, said Presa.

“Starting with the 2018 season and for three years, PSSI and mycujoo will team up to provide Indonesian fans groundbreaking digital access to their home football”, said Marsal Masita, Deputy General Secretary of PSSI. “It is a new path for us to take to grow the game in the local fans’ hearts - we want them to support their favorite teams and players in the stadiums but also at home or on their mobile phones, and partnering with mycujoo allows all this to happen seamlessly”.

The agreement is a continuation of a relationship that was initiated through the Asian Football Confederation’s initiative which introduced mycujoo and its innovative approach to football live streaming in Indonesia. After this introduction, PSSI and mycujoo have decided to take their collaboration further, as part of PSSI’s efforts to develop Indonesian football.

While the initial streams will be those produced around the higher tier of Indonesian football, mycujoo and PSSI are aiming to create an all-encompassing platform for the game throughout the country. Leagues at any levels and clubs will be encouraged to join mycujoo and start live-streaming as well - which, thanks to mycujoo’s innovative technology, can be done easily on a mobile phone using the mycujoo broadcasting app: “This announcement is also a call to all football players of Indonesia - go to your club President and ask to bring your own team to mycujoo!”, added Pedro Presa.



mycujoo is a football streaming platform designed for the games and players you don’t see on television. We help federations, clubs and competitions at all levels to broadcast their football; building stronger relationships between players and fans. We boost the football players’ experience by showcasing them and we give fans all over the world access to live and on-demand content from their favourite teams.

The name “mycujoo” was inspired by “cuju” ( 蹴鞠 ) - an ancient Chinese sport recognised by FIFA as one of the earliest forms of football.

Using our own streaming technology, mycujoo offers a free-to-use service that gives viewers unparalleled access to their team. We allow clubs and competitions to effortlessly reach new audiences by streaming matches and content. Simple, legal and effective.

mycujoo is actively streaming content from more than 65 countries across 6 continents. More than 2,250 clubs and teams have been streamed on mycujoo since the beginning of the platform. We work directly with hundreds of partners - federations, leagues, clubs. In 2017 alone, mycujoo streamed more than 4,200 football matches live for a viewership of more than 35 million video views over the year.


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