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mycujoo and FIH to launch "FIH.live", a global platform for hockey

mycujoo and FIH, the International Hockey Federation, are excited to announce a 5-year agreement for the joint branded platform “FIH.live”.


Photo courtesy of FIH

Amsterdam, Netherlands (8 January 2019) FIH.live, a first of its kind OTT solution in the market-to-date, will centralise all FIH content from across the globe in a single platform. The first stream on the mutually created solution will go live on the 19th January with the start of the inaugural FIH Pro League.

In partnering with FIH to build FIH.live, mycujoo are creating a groundbreaking relationship where they are providing their technology at no cost to FIH, or their audience. Creating FIH’s direct to fan OTT, mycujoo will be a participant to its own solution’s results via revenue sharing with FIH. This innovative agreement will be both beneficial for FIH and mycujoo, while laying the foundations for a new way to connect hockey content, communities and brands. This ecosystem will be rounded by a community experience allowing users to register to the platform, empowering user generated content, gamification, and data collection.

With 137 National Associations globally, hockey is only continuing to grow in participation and viewership. The FIH.live platform will be made available to all national associations for them to produce and stream their own competitions and matches, as well as nurture direct relationships with their communities of players and fans.

In 2019, all FIH competitions will be available live on “FIH.live” in every market where a broadcaster will not be showing the matches. This includes the inaugural FIH Pro League, the FIH Series Finals and the Olympic qualifiers. Competitions to be streamed by FIH on this platform include the Hockey Series Open, the Junior World Cup (Men and Women), and the Indoor World Cup.

This is a first of its kind offer from mycujoo who have seen exponential growth specifically within football to date. Focused on the long-tail, the free platform has built a significant global community of football fans focused on niche content. The mycujoo.tv platform, which has exclusive contracts with the AFC, Beach Soccer Worldwide and the Japan Women’s Football League to name a few, will continue to operate as an exclusively football-focused platform.

Having scaled technology teams across offices in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Zurich, Singapore, Boston and São Paulo, the platform has embarked on partnering with rights holders outside of football to build tailored OTT solutions, and is delighted to launch this new offering with the FIH.

This agreement kicks off a crucial and exciting year 2019 for mycujoo, with more key partnerships to be announced soon, as well as important product and technology developments towards community-building, content creation and data collection.

Hockey is a global sport and involves an immense community” said Pedro Presa, CEO and co-founder of mycujoo. “With FIH.live, FIH and mycujoo will harness the power of the sport, and the power of this community to bring more content and value to hockey players and fans worldwide. And we will do it in a groundbreaking joint venture. We are delighted to have found a trusting partner in FIH, with a genuine vision and appetite for digital innovation

Thierry Weil, CEO of FIH, stated the following regarding this agreement: “FIH.live is a great opportunity for the global hockey community to engage with current fans as well as with people who are yet to become fans. It will also boost the production of user generated content and bring hockey games live to many more fans in a simple way. I’m really happy that we will benefit from mycujoo’s expertise and creativity to help us achieving these goals.

About mycujoo:

By empowering federations, leagues and clubs to easily livestream their competitions and matches, combining low costs of production with state-of-the art quality and technology, mycujoo is enabling the creation of a worldwide sports network of nano-communities at national, regional and hyper-local levels.

mycujoo’s technology ensures live streams can be broadcast from a device as simple as a mobile phone to multiple media including mycujoo’s platform, a user app for Android and iOS, and embedded streams on rights holder and third party platforms.

mycujoo provides opportunities for the distribution, monetisation, and commercialisation of rights holders’ own data and content, and serves the audience that keeps the game alive, the fans. More than 95% of worldwide sports content is not available to the community, we are here to change that.

About the International Hockey Federation (FIH):

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is the world governing body for the sport of hockey, recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Founded in 1924, FIH today has 137 member National Associations. For more information on the Hockey Revolution, visit: fih.ch/inside-fih/our-strategy