Our name’s changing, but not our mission. MyCujoo will become ELEVEN in the coming months, with a new look and logo. You’ll still enjoy the same superb live streaming experiences, and we’ll let you know our exciting plans soon.

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A new logo and proposition: MyCujoo rebrand for next period of growth

Football platform evolves its identity to align with their global growth and focused youth audience of fans and players


Amsterdam, Netherlands (5 April 2019) - MyCujoo is fast becoming the largest football community platform, addressing a focused young audience of fans and players. After a period of significant growth, MyCujoo has evolved its brand, with a new logo, visual identity, and brand values that were created by London agency WeLaunch.
MyCujoo originated as a football streaming platform, working with federations, leagues and clubs outside of premium to give visibility to the 99.9% of football left behind by traditional broadcasting. MyCujoo became the first streaming platform to show live games from six continents on the same day.

The increase of content has brought with it a highly concentrated youth audience, 80% of which are consuming content on mobile. Now operating in almost ten languages, MyCujoo wanted to refresh its brand with bold and distinctive assets that signposted to sport, and would inspire their passionate community across the globe. This was created with an ownable logotype inspired by fans and their chants, whilst the existing MyCujoo primary colour palette was evolved, embracing a vibrant green to symbolise growth, freshness and grassroot sports.
‘In 2015, we streamed our first ever game on the platform, FC Zurich Women’s Team in Switzerland. Fast forward to 2019, we now stream content from over 120 countries across the world, we have a highly focused audience of young fans and players. The brand needed to evolve to keep pace with the growth, and we are incredibly excited with the outcome.

The focus on distinctive assets aligned with flexibility to allow us to keep a creative edge was vitally important, and We Launch have provided us with a brand fit for the future.’ David Fowler, Director of Marketing – MyCujoo
MyCujoo, which is aiming to stream 150,000 matches a year, is challenging the norms by empowering broadcasting in new territories and new levels of the sport, and by enabling stronger relationships with the content for players and fans. MyCujoo has evolved into a community focused platform, where anyone around the world can create, share and view football content. New shapes, patterns and colours have been created to empower the community to own, curate and share their game.

WeLaunch, an independent creative agency in London, worked with MyCujoo to help deliver the new brand. Paul Bailey, Strategy Director, commented, ‘As the gap between elite and grassroots sports grows ever wider, the MyCujoo brand is an energiser in encouraging a powerful sense of belonging and ownership by people who love their game. A brand that appeals to all audiences, from governing bodies to fans and players.’

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About MyCujoo

Launched in 2014, MyCujoo completely subverts the traditional sports broadcasting model by providing free broadcast technology to rights-holders and free content to viewers. Pursuing this unique model, the platform is on track to become the world’s biggest community of football fans, players, clubs and federations. By allowing players at every level of the game to ‘claim’ and share footage of themselves, as well as share their profiles with friends, families and fans, MyCujoo aims to create a huge network of closely-bonded football fans and participants.

MyCujoo’s technology allows live streams to be broadcast from a device as simple as a mobile phone to multiple media including MyCujoo’s platform; a user app for Android and iOS; and embedded streams on rights-holder and third-party platforms.

MyCujoo technology is available at no cost to rights-holders and the content it enables is also free to viewers, removing almost all of the barriers to football clubs who want to share their content, as well as to fans who want to consume it. With users in more than 200 countries across six continents, MyCujoo is the world’s leading football streaming service and is empowering federations, leagues and clubs to live-stream their competitions and matches, as well as enabling the creation of sports communities at a national, regional and hyper-local level.

MyCujoo provides opportunities for the distribution, monetisation, and commercialisation of rights-holders own data and content, and offers the sports world a chance to be valued and appreciated, anywhere and by anyone.

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