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mycujoo announces partnership with US Adult Soccer Association (USASA)

AMSTERDAM, March 26, 2018 - mycujoo, a leading live-streaming soccer service specializing in the long tail/non-premium soccer content, announces a two-year partnership with the United States Adult Soccer Association.

USASA Soccer Fest 2017

Under the agreement announced today, mycujoo and the USASA will be live streaming competitions sanctioned by the USASA in 2018 and 2019, including the Adult Soccer Fest, the Amateur Cup and the Hank Steinbrecher Cup.

mycujoo is relishing the opportunity to work with the USASA, the governing body for adult soccer in the U.S. and a developmental organization dedicated to increasing participation and enjoyment in soccer in America. mycujoo is looking forward to being a trusted partner for the USASA, supporting them in achieving these objectives of growth, development and sustainability of the game at grassroots, amateur and semi-pro levels.

“We continue to expand our presence on the amateur and semi-pro soccer market in the USA, as more partners such as the USASA and the UPSL realize the power of the model proposed by mycujoo,” said Pedro Presa, CEO of mycujoo. “These organizations, with such strong roots in the long tail of soccer in America, are the DNA of mycujoo – we are proud to empower them in gaining more visibility and strengthening the development of the game in the U.S.”

“We’re happy to partner and work alongside mycujoo as they help us take a bigger step into USASA’s new digital chapter,” said Duncan Riddle, Executive Director of the USASA. “We look forward to the increased opportunities mycujoo can provide our membership base in experiencing USASA video streamed and on-demand games.”

This partnership is the second major achievement for mycujoo in the U.S. market in 2018, after reaching a multi-year agreement with the UPSL to live stream exclusively the league’s full seasons, with all matches of the 2018 UPSL spring season, currently underway, to be broadcasted live on the platform. The UPSL and the USASA partnering with mycujoo are providing unprecedented free access to all matches to American soccer fans.

mycujoo offers a soccer-specific, free-to-use streaming service at the lowest possible access costs, enabling clubs and competitions at any level to seamlessly set up their streams and start reaching new audiences. It allows leagues, clubs, as well as local online media to distribute and commercialise the content themselves in partnership with mycujoo, maximising the reach and commercial opportunities in an unprecedented way at this level of the game.

mycujoo is a soccer streaming platform designed for the games and players you don’t see on television. We help clubs and competitions at all levels to broadcast their soccer; building stronger relationships between players and fans. We boost the soccer players’ experience by showcasing them and we give fans all over the world access to live and on-demand content from their favourite teams.

The name “mycujoo” was inspired by “cuju” ( 蹴鞠 ) – an ancient Chinese sport recognised by FIFA as one of the earliest forms of soccer.

Using our own streaming technology, mycujoo offers a free-to-use service that gives viewers unparalleled access to their team. We allow clubs and competitions to effortlessly reach new audiences by streaming matches and content. Simple, legal and effective.

mycujoo is actively streaming content from more than 60 countries across six continents. More than 2,250 teams and clubs have been streamed on mycujoo since the beginning of the platform. We work directly with hundreds of partners – federations, leagues, clubs. In 2017 alone, mycujoo streamed more than 4,200 soccer matches live for a viewership of 40 million video views over the year.


Media relations: Raphael Morgulis
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Business contact: Dave Greene
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The United States Adult Soccer Association is a national organization and sanctioning body for amateur soccer in the United States. It consists of 54 state organizations as well as regional and national leagues. The United Soccer League’s Premier Development League and the National Premier Soccer League are USASA-affiliated but are designed to promote a higher level of competition than the state organizations.