Our name’s changing, but not our mission. MyCujoo will become ELEVEN in the coming months, with a new look and logo. You’ll still enjoy the same superb live streaming experiences, and we’ll let you know our exciting plans soon.

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mycujoo survey: thanks for your feedback!

We ran a survey to our users to better understand them and listen to what they want us to improve on. We got the results, so we decided to share them (we would have shared them anyway, but since the results are very positive, we're even happier to do so).

Crowd at Copinha

When we hear things such as these two tweets above, we just can’t hide a bit of emotion on our side. It is what is important to us - our users believing in our product, in our way of doing things, in our vision.

Your voice also drives us to improve that - bringing you more contents and features that you would like to see from us.

Over the summer, we ran a short survey on mycujoo.tv to find out more about you and get your inputs on how we can improve the mycujoo experience. Just short of 100 of you took time out to share your thoughts with us.

What did we find out?

  • We found out that 70% of you are football players (mostly playing on a recreational level). This is great news as we are already exploring how we can serve the players amongst you.
  • You told us that the most common reasons for coming to mycujoo were to watch football from leagues you can't watch on TV (43%) and/or to watch a specific live match (35%). This might not come as a surprise, but its great news to us! This is what we do best.
  • Most of you told us that you prefer to see advertising than pay a subscription to see our content. This is very reassuring for us as we have no intention to start charging you subscription fees. While (very occasionally) our partner leagues, clubs and teams may decide to make a match "pay per view", we as a platform have no plans to generally charge you to watch our content.
  • You gave mycujoo.tv a rating of 4.2 out of 5 overall. This tells us that we are doing ok, but we still have lots of room for improvement. We're working hard to constantly improve the site and bring you the best football streaming experience possible at all levels of football.

Thanks to all who participated in our first survey. We will be running more surveys in the months to come to ensure that we can constantly improve the mycujoo experience for our community of users.

The mycujoo team

Photo courtesy of www.futebolpaulista.com.br