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Mycujoo Lisbon helped Re-food during Christmas

"Respect and fairness should be at the centre of our interactions within and outside mycujoo" is the core value of mycujoo. Based on this motto, the Lisbon office decided to use a day right before Christmas, to help an Association called “Re-food”.

Mycujoo Lisbon office giving a hand to Refood association

All the mycujoo Lisbon employees went to one center to help the volunteers of the Association to package and distribute food. Refood principle is to "Eliminate Food Waste", by collecting left overs from the largest supermarket chain to the smallest café in the neighborhood, and re-distribute this food to the ones who cannot afford.

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The Re-food Movement was born in the neighborhood of Nossa Senhora de Fátima, in the heart of Lisbon, in 2011 by Hunter Halder, an American citizen based in the Portugal capital. Nowadays, it counts 25 Centers and 900 food source partners all over Portugal.

"What Re-Food brings to the table, is an abundance of excellent, ready-to-eat food every day at no, or almost no, cost. We target every single scrap of excess prepared food within our neighborhoods by going to every café, restaurant and grocery store every day they are open. We deliver that food to people who are not being served by existing institutions, be they homeless, jobless or in any other condition that leaves them without the means to secure the food they need", Halder explained in 2014 to the Portuguese American Journal. The project is totally non-profit-making.

mycujoo staff members helped Refood over Christmas in Lisbon

"It is very important for us to give back to Society. We are very glad to work for mycujoo and have a salary every month and have family support so we have to makes sure those who do not have this chance can feed their kids", said Manuel Cid Gonçalves, Business Development Manager at mycujoo.

The aim of Re-food is to is to build an inclusive matrix of community partnerships – citizens, companies and institutions, all working together to make their shared world a better place. Volunteers, Restaurants, Cafes, Beneficiaries, Local Governments, Churches, Foundations, Universities, Bakeries, City Governments, Social Partners, Supermarkets, Festivals, Caterers, Businesses of all kinds, everyone in the community is called to partnership with the Re-food Movement!

"This association works all year long, not only today, but we came today because we wanted to do something together as a team, and it’s been fun, we really enjoyed it and we were really into our tasks", said Ricardo Presa, mycujoo Portugal Director.