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Create your own global TV channel

By joining MyCujoo, you will access a global platform that will help you broadcast your content live, create highlights and other content around your matches, distribute your content to all your potential audiences, and start generating income. Working together with MyCujoo will open a door to a potential new visibility in the media and will offer you a complete new tool to share much wider to your fans all over the world.

What you can do on MyCujoo

  • Stream your matches live via camera or mobile recording
  • Enrich the viewer experience with live overlays, tickers, highlights, statistics, replays
  • Distribute your content via the MyCujoo platform, embed on your own website, share highlights on social media
  • Generate income by selling content to sponsors, advertisers and other third parties, adding pay per view portals before events
  • Collect and control your football data, generate income through sales

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Football’s value to brands

Your local team’s live sports broadcasts, particularly in football, are an incredibly valuable platform for brands to be associated with, considering their highly targeted and engaged audiences and entertainment value. Add to that an increasingly diversifying user base with growing additions such as women’s football, futsal, and street football. The premium landscape has developed a world of access costs and other barriers, and content is often kept in walled gardens, restricted to global players. However, many content consumers are clearly looking for more accessible content outside of the premium world, and so are the brands trying to reach them.

Associate your brand with meaningful content

This is where MyCujoo can help you: we are a global company with local appeal and assets. We are working with local and niche football competitions and teams where the commitment of audiences is very strong and where a brand’s engagement can be effected in a very meaningful way. In addition many of these are growing massively in audience. Take as an example global women’s football, or football in Asia. These are growing in their global appeal and this is an opportunity to attach brands to a growing user base where there is less competition.

Virtuous engagement

Our monetisation model ensures that football benefits across the board: clubs, leagues and associations receive a share of the revenue, generating income that was previously untapped, and develop their visibility and fan engagement. You push your brand forward through valuable content to highly engaged audiences, creating meaningful associations between your brand and relevant local audiences. We receive a share of the revenues in order to maintain the lowest possible costs for long tail leagues and clubs.

Everyone wins.

Think outside the box!

Create a unique mix between digital and physical sponsorship! Custom implementations are always possible.

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